My name is Chris. I want to share something with the world but I still don’t know what or how.

One of my themes sometimes goes like this:

It’s important to evaluate scientific evidence in its entirety, not by puting on blinders to view only the evidence that favors our ideology.

Supporters of alternative medicine are an example of a motivated ideological group getting it all wrong. Save yourself the trouble, and don’t put your health care and health care dollars into any treatment that is not scientifically proven. Or if you want to pursue an experimental treatment, you should know that ethically the experimenter should pay you for the privalege of experimenting on your body. If you find someone operating differently, run the other way.

Climate change deniers are another motivated ideological group getting it all wrong. Start by reading the IPCC reports if you’ve never heard of them, or the wikipedia summary. The science is clear, the politics are not, and never have been. Look at overfishing. Have we as a global community succeeded in bringing nations together to regulate and prevent overfishing? Expect the same for climate change, unless we can find a new solution. The solution, if there is one, is going to cost some money upfront in capital equipment. But I’m convinced the solution is affordable. I’ve tinkered with my own carbon footprint, and personally convinced it can be done, technologically and economically speaking.