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1/8/06 Sometime ago the light balance paper was returned with comments, updated, and resubmitted to ApJ. I began working for a laser manufacturer, ceasing active HiRes work in Feb of 2005. I can't believe it's been a year already.
12/15/04 /hires_soft/new/src wieghs in at 244,302 physical lines of code! (62 % C, 28 % FORTRAN, 4.6 % C++)
(Generated using David Wheeler's SLOCCount. wc -l counts newlines and would give a much larger number.)
This enormous gorilla was created by physicists to bludgeon unsuspecting students to death.
6/18/04 My paper is around a draft 0.8. When it's 1 it'll go to the editorial board. Systematic errors naturally still bother me.
1/16/04 I will be graduating in May. What does that mean for Fly's Eye? Hard to tell. Expect me to be gone before Sept.
9/18/03 FLINT page updated.
9/17/03 Light balance technical note is now available in html format.
9/15/03 Web page overhaul. I like this better. Now everything is found on the cheesy left hand menu bar.
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